Jobs Within a Golf Club

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  • Published on 06/11/2023

Working in golf has never seemed like such an attractive prospect. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, golf has seen a surge in popularity. For those of you out there looking to move into the sector, or just looking for the next position, now is a great time to apply. 

The benefits to a career in golf are innumerable. Employees tell us that no day is alike and have a general feeling of ‘being valued’. 

The golf sector employs around 70,000 people and the public spends more than £4 billion a year playing in the UK.  Golf Jobs have found that the job market is rich with a willingness from employers to help enrich the lives of their employees. Whether a candidate wants to be the next Tiger, or simply wants to help maintain the game’s ancient wonder, there is a job that is suitable. 


So what roles are there within a golf club?  


General Manager 

A golf club manager is primarily responsible for overseeing the club's day-to-day operations. They organise the running of the club, keep a keen eye on the finances, and have been known to get involved with the nitty-gritty of marketing. 

General managers must be good planners, decision makers, problem solvers, strategic thinkers, and organisers. Do you think your up for the job? 


Club Professional 


Every club needs a beacon of excellence with a drive and passion for the game of golf that exceeds their ability to swing for the win. The club pro teaches the game of golf and is often responsible for any golfing events including tournaments and society visits.  

A club professional you must lead by example, be motivated and well organised. Turn your passion for golf into a career! 



Greenkeeper responsibilities include the maintenance, care, and overall appearance of a golf course. It is their job to maintain a good playing surface and ensure the course offers a consistent challenge and an enjoyable experience to golfers.   

Do you enjoy the great outdoors, have an eye for detail, don’t mind early starts and enjoy manual labour? Then maybe a role in greenkeeping could be your next move!  



Hospitality Staff  

Most golf clubs have their own catering and bar facilities with many clubs hosting several functions and events throughout the year. There are a lot of hospitality roles within a golf club including chefs, bar staff and waiters/waitresses.  

Front of house staff must have excellent customer service and communication skills, be able to work as a team and have good coordination. Kitchen staff must have a precise eye for detail, great time management, high standards and be able to multi-task. Have a passion for food and golf? Then why not consider taking up a hospitality role within a golf club?  


Pro Shop 

A pro shop is a sporting-goods shop within a golf course usually managed by a club professional. Pro shops usually provide equipment such as golf balls, clubs, and apparel. Pro shops are also responsible for the collection of fees, registration of players, and assigning tee times.  

Do you enjoy customer service, problem solving and selling? Then a role in the pro shop might be right for you.