Identifying Your Key Strengths

  • Job Seeker
  • Published on 06/11/2023

Knowing your key strengths in the workplace is very important. Identifying your strengths can help you find a job that fits you and can aid you improving your skills developments. You may have helpful skills that you don’t even know about.  


What are key strengths? 

Key Strengths are a mix a of knowledge-based skills, transferable skills, and personal traits they are commonly listed on CVs and self-assessments and are a great thing to have in your head when doing job interviews. 

Knowledge-based skills are technical skills that you may have learned from education and experience.  

Transferable skills are abilities that are applicable in many situations, like leadership and communication skills. 

Personal traits are unique qualities, such as punctuality and loyalty. 


Identifying Your Strengths:  

Identifying your strengths can be a challenge, it requires a bit of thinking time but can be a very rewarding and satisfying task.  

Your key strengths could be very valuable in finding your next role. They can help employers establish more about you and can also help determine whether you think a position is suitable for you. 

What are you good at? What are your best qualities? Grab a pen a paper and start thinking! Remember to think broadly and with an open mind. Try asking family or friends to help you, their outside perspective might just surprise you.  

After you’ve had a deep think read over our list of ‘Key Strengths Examples’ to see if any of the following apply to you.  

Studying your skills and strengths can be a great way to deepen your self-awareness and is a great opportunity to learn more about yourself.  


Key Strengths examples:  

There are many different types of strengths and skills. Below are just some examples. Do any of these relate to you?  

General Skills – Are you a team player or have strong attention to detail? 

Social Skills – Do you have good communication skills?  

Personality Traits - Are you confident, a natural leader, compassionate?  

Problem Solving – Are you good at evaluating and working around difficult problems?  

Physical Traits –Are you dexterous or strong. Having certain physical traits are needed for certain jobs. 

Technical Skills – Have you been trained to have specific technical abilities or have the ability to use certain machinery or tools? 

Systems Skills – Are you trained to use particular systems.