5 Tips when starting a new job

  • Job Seeker
  • By Marketing Team
  • Published on 04/11/2023

Starting a new job is extremely exciting and sometimes a little daunting. Start off with a positive attitude and remember to go in with your best foot forward. Give it a bit of time, allow yourself to settle, and soon you will find yourself thriving in your new role.

Here are 5 things to make your first days and weeks a little easier.

  1. Grab a notepad:

During the first days or weeks in a new job, you will be learning and observing many new things. Bring a notepad and take notes on anything you feel is important to remember, for example, login details, passwords, and responsibilities. Jotting things down will help to absorb new information.

When you need to learn the names of new colleagues, take a quick note to help you remember. Note-taking will show your boss how prepared you are to take things in and recall new information.

  1. Be sociable:

Most likely you will be spending multiple hours a day with your colleagues. These relationships have the potential to become very important in both your work and personal life.

Get to know your co-workers better by spending time with them at lunch. When you are away from your working space, conversations will become looser, more personal, and more relaxed. An ideal time to get to know people better.

Lunchtimes are also a great time to bump into people you haven’t met. Introduce yourself when you get the chance and expand your social connections.

  1. Be part of the team:

Teamwork helps solve problems and can aid in getting jobs done faster and more efficiently. 

Show enthusiasm for being part of the team. Joining in and engaging with the setup shows your employer that you enjoy working with the people around you.

Every group or team has its own culture. Don’t try to guess this culture, find out by observing what’s around you and allow yourself to be open and willing to become a part of it. Teamwork makes the dream work

  1. Ask questions:

Be curious and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Starting a new job brings with it new challenges and plenty of opportunities to learn.

To do your job well it’s best to know the ins and outs, so don’t sit in silence while questions burn away in your head, ask them!

Remember, all your colleagues have had their first days on the job, so they will know what it’s like to be in your position. They have gained the knowledge and in time you will too.

  1. Be confident:

Go into your new job with confidence. Your employer chose you for this role and they obviously see your potential. You should believe in your abilities too. Enjoy this new beginning and appreciate the new experiences. Go into every day willing to learn and improve. Be yourself and be confident, you’ve earned it!

Good luck!