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Director of Golf Programming East in Tampa, FL at Domestic Ops



Tampa, Florida, United States

Last Updated: 7/06/22

Job Description

Director of Golf Programming East

Sums up your new Role:

Propagate programming throughout the Invited estate to support company's financial targets and competitive objective to be the leader in golf coaching especially as that relates to junior, family, learner, and social experiences for members and their families.

This position reports directly to the Senior Vice President of Golf.

Day to Day:

• Management of all Invited’s standardized golf coaching programs across the east coast.

• Development and maintenance of standard management systems for Line SVP’s, General Managers, Directors of Golf, and Directors of Player Development to manage and control coaching on the property.

• Planning for the introduction of any standardized programming including identification of all property resources to execute the program; the required education of management and coaches; the development of all coordinated marketing assets for the properties.

• Approval of programs, the education for the coaches, and all marketing required to support promotion of programs.

• Project management for the introduction of any standardized programming at all sites.

• The compliance with all programming standards in execution of the standardized programming.

• Mentorship of Directors of Player Development Professionals to continually improve both the quality and financial performance of all programs.

• The quality of consumer experience in the programs being executed.

All the other stuff we do:


• Develop and scope programs that should be developed centrally and standardized across the estate.

• For each program to be developed create and then maintain participation, revenue, and profitability targets, along with pricing parameters.

• Assist in the planning and development of player development budgets for each site.

• Monitor and evaluate site programming profitability making site recommendations for improvement.

• Develop and maintain program promotion standards for physical and digital assets.

• Develop and maintain a Coach standards document that allows site management to effectively recruit, lead, manage, and develop staff.

• Develop and maintain a Professional Development template that includes recommended developmental training and areas for education that allows each coach to develop their effectiveness in the ACM and programming model.

• Create the on-boarding training of programs and program standards for all new golf coaches and site management.

• As determined by the management attend functions to promote engagements and programs to members and non-members.

Program Planning

• Manage the approval and approval process for all new programs and manage an annual review of all existing programs for on-going approval.

• Within the approval process evaluate the site space and location requirements for practicality ensuring that all potential site impacts are evaluated and resolved.

• Evaluate the site coaching resource requirements, as well as resource ‘qualifications’ ensuring that all additional requirements for resource or qualification and identified, understood, and approved.

• Create and maintain a program timetable guide to allow each site to schedule their programs in-line with a centrally managed calendar.

• Create and maintain a recommended pricing and participation guide for the program that allows the site to set program pricing and students per coach plans.

• Identify equipment assets required and ensure that any capital or p&l requirements are evaluated and approved, and that sourcing directions are clear for the site.

• For any new program review the site management standard operating procedures, identifying and gaining approval for any changes required to allow the site to effectively manage and control financial and program performance.

• For the program, identify target consumers and ensure that the timetable will match their likely availability.

• Create the promotion plan identifying all promotional assets required and the timetable for deployment.

• Identify the sites where the program will be implemented along with the priority and timetable for implementation.

• Develop the program coach Training Plan

• Ensure that all player development budgets and projections are updated with the projected revenues and costs.

Site Introduction Planning

• Creation of management brief (why, how, overview, performance reqts) for the SVP, GM, MD, MRD(C), DOG, DPD.

• Creation of professional staff briefing (why, how, what, participation and revenue targets, proposed timetable)

• Creation of staff training and support requirements and management of the development process.

• Approval of all staff training materials created.

• Creation of standard marketing and promotion asset requirements and management of the development.

• Approval of marketing and promotion assets

Management of Site Introduction

• Agreement to each property introduction plan (created by the site DPD / HP / Dir of Golf) including equipment asset procurement, coach resourcing, participation, pricing, scheduling, and promotion.

• Deliver the agreed management introduction briefing identifying and resolving raised concerns.

• Deliver the Coach introduction briefing identifying and resolving raised concerns.

• Train the coaches on the new program.

• Sign-off that the site is ready to launch promotion and execution of the program.

Program Management

• Evaluate compliance of all programming standards at all sites through regular review and management, managing corrective actions.

• Evaluate program participation and revenue at all sites through regular review and management, managing relevant budgetary, and strategy corrective actions.

• Through management and review identify challenges (resourcing, skills, scheduling, promotion, programming) with all programs and then provide feedback to SVP’s, GM’s, SVP Golf, Program Developers as required.

• Review site coach professional development status making recommendation for resource improvements and development (personal development, resource changes, resource additions)

Personal Development Expectations

• Maintain a current certification with the PGA of America as a certified ADM coach. If you do not currently have this certification you will be expected to become certified by no later than November 1st, 2020 using the resources available at

• Become a member of the Proponent Group and attend their annual conference along with all virtual conferences scheduled.

• Attend and complete in each 12 months period Starting October 1st, 2022 a PGA Player Development workshop. Invited will endeavor to arrange workshops in as many regional locations as possible.

• Complete in each 12 months a set of eLearning courses listed by the SVP Golf. These will be documented for each 12-month period starting October 1st by the end of September of that year.

• Attend a monthly personal development webinar scheduled for you by the SVP of Golf

About you:

• A high school diploma, GED, or equivalent, is required. College degree is preferred.

• You have 5+ years professional golf and customer service experience.

• PGA/LPGA Professional Certification is required

• You have previous direct financial and budget responsibility experience.

• You can be trusted to maintain confidentiality of all proprietary Company information and sensitive employee matters, except as expressly authorized by the Company.

• You always perform at the highest level of ethical work standards.

• You are comfortable working in both indoor and outdoor environments with frequent exposure to extreme hot or cold temperatures and humidity.

Physical Requirements:

Sitting, standing, walking on rough ground, exposure to temperature changes, dust, fumes, or gases, climbing/ladders, squatting/kneeling, reaching, grasping, pushing/pulling, twisting/bending, lifting/carrying/pushing/pulling up to 75 lbs on occasion, folding/unfolding, talking, hearing, and seeing.

Primary tools/equipment used in this position and approximate weight:

• Golf Clubs & Bag 40 - 50 lbs

• Merchandise 5 - 30 lbs

• Computer 25 lbs

Company Details

Dallas, Texas, United States
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