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England Golf’s iGolf Platform Reaches 25,000 Subscribers

England Golf has announced that iGolf, a platform which allows non-golf club members to gain an official handicap, has reached 25,000 subscribers. 

iGolf marks the anniversary of its launch in 2021 and during the first year, 1,440 subscribers switched from iGolf to club membership which was one of the aims of the initiative.

In an England Golf survey conducted with iGolfers in March, 57% of subscribers stated they have played or intend to play more golf since subscribing, with 60 per cent admitting they are considering joining a club in the future and over three-quarters of subscribers (77%) are very likely or extremely likely to renew their iGolf subscription. The survey revealed that 98% of iGolfers are completing 18-hole rounds, with 70% regularly using the driving range.

Golf club membership overall has grown since February 2021, up 90,000 (14%) to 737,000, with iGolfers submitting over 186,000 general play scores.


Speaking on the first anniversary of iGolf, England Golf CEO Jeremy Tomlinson, said: “This first year has been a fantastic success for the iGolf platform. Hitting our ambitious target of 25,000 subscribers in 12 months is a testament to the great work the whole team has put in and confirms our belief in engaging with the independent golfer community. We’re really pleased to be providing an excellent service that is clearly in demand.

“The data we have gathered shows that iGolfers have been encouraged to play more golf since subscribing, which is the primary aim of the initiative, and something that we feel will have a positive impact on the entire golf community. Couple this with the fact that we have already seen subscribers move into club membership, it’s clear that iGolf has had a very successful inaugural year.”


Looking to build upon this momentum into its second year, England Golf is set to develop the iGolf offering to provide an even better platform and encourage more golfers, to play more golf, more often. This includes increasing the benefits available to new subscribers, additional offers and opportunities for existing iGolfers, as well as updates to the My EG app that will enhance functionality and the user experience.