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How to Write a Good Job Advert

A job advert is your first chance to attract potential employees to your company and is the first impression that candidates will get of your business.

One in five (20%) job seekers revealed that they’d be put off applying to a role with an unclear job description.

So how do you write a good job advert?


The layout of the job advert is very important. Follow this basic structure, keeping things simple and clear to read.  

  • Job title
  • Salary
  • Location
  • Introduction
  • Role & responsibilities
  • Key requirements (qualifications & skills)
  • Benefits



Job Title:

The main way people look for jobs today is by searching online. Using a simple, to-the-point industry-standard title will make your vacancy more visible when searching online and help you to receive a better number of relevant applications.



On average job adverts that include information about a salary generally get more applications. It’s not mandatory to include salary information but adding a salary bracket will give jobseekers more clarity about the role.



Including location information can be very important in attracting the right candidates. Is your job office-based? Is there is an opportunity to work remotely? Is there travel involved? Supplying this kind of information will help you to attract relevant candidates.


Use a few sentences to outline your business and the vacancy you are advertising for. Try to relate your introduction to your role. If for example, you have a greenkeeping role, you could tell us more about the course and greens team. Or if you have a hospitality role, you could mention the clubhouse and catering facilities.


Role & Responsibilities:

It’s important to outline what the role will entail and list the main responsibilities. List between three and seven main tasks candidates will be expected to undertake. Use bullet points to help make things stand out.


Key Requirements:

Make sure applicants understand what type of experience and/or qualifications are required before they apply for the role.  Clarify whether these qualifications are vital or just preferred. Include personality traits, soft skills, and the relevant experience you wish the applicant to possess. Highlight whether you require someone with a background in your industry.



What benefits and perks can a candidate expect in return after being successful? Workplace perks are important to today’s professionals, so don’t forget to include these in your job advert. Simple perks like uniform, onsite parking, or PPE can make all the difference.


Next Steps:

Remember to include your applications deadline (if you have one) and don’t forget to let people know how to apply!


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