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The R&A and Bluewater Help Save Use of 100,000 Plastic Water Bottles

Free water stations and refillable water bottles provided by Swedish company Bluewater helped prevent the need to use 100,000 single use plastic bottles at The 149th Open at Royal St Georges.  

The water stations delivered free purified water on demand to thousands of visitors who were notified in advance that no single use plastic bottles of water would be sold during the major tournament. Alternatively, visitors were encouraged to bring their own reusable bottles or purchase Bluewater’s refillable bottles on site as a way to tackle throwaway culture.


“This was the second time in succession we have helped The R&A to fulfil their sustainability mission by providing unique water stations and bottles to help show there are viable alternatives for major events to avoid single-use plastic water bottles,” said Bluewater founder and CEO Bengt Rittri, a Swedish environmental entrepreneur. 

Rittri noted the water stations dispensed a total of 48,400 liters of free purified water over the four days of the tournament, which is equivalent to around 100,000 standard 16.9-ounce plastic bottles of water.


All 156 players competing in The 149th Open were presented with their own personalized Bluewater bottles, keeping their water chilled for 24 hours. If desired, the bottles can also be used to keep hot drinks warm for up 12 hours.

Bluewater bottles are made of sustainable stainless steel and use silicone rather than plastic for anti-leak fillers and carrying loops and with every bottle coming with a lifetime warranty. The company collects 2.2 pounds of plastic waste from seashores around the world for every single planet-friendlier Bluewater bottle it sells, using a blockchain alternative to recycling where people are paid to return plastic waste to certified recycling centres.

Bluewater water stations harness patented technology that removes most water contaminants, including EDC chemicals, pesticides, toxic metals, viruses, bacteria, and microplastics. Called Superior Osmosis™, the Bluewater technology outperforms traditional reverse osmosis, which is widely considered the best technology for purifying water.

Bluewater will also be providing water stations and refillable bottles for The Senior Open staged at Sunningdale Golf Club from the 22nd – 25th July.