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How to write an amazing job advert

Writing an amazing job advert

When writing your job advert, imagine reams of employment opportunities as objects propped up in the window of a shop. Now, imagine you are a consumer in the market for a new job. What would make you press up against that window? Keep that in mind.

Making that first impression

The job advert you write needs to sell the job. What is so good about being a greenkeeper at your club? Try not to pre-empt questions like this with a curt list of perks. Many feel this jarring – any purported perks tend not to outweigh the innate satisfaction employees feel for just working. Try to paint a picture of an average day. What will the job entail? Don’t be afraid to add some narrative flair – we are all romantics at heart. 

Search-friendly content

When creating a job posting you are going to want the right people to see it. That is going to mean using the right words. This might sound cryptic but the way search engines work today means the exact wording of your posting needs to be searchable and tailored to the right audience.

Think about the queries of your prospective candidate and use keywords associated with the role you are posting. This will help your job rank highly when seekers search for roles. If your posting is rich in keywords that relate to a candidate’s search, you will receive a lot of interest.

Getting to the point – formatting

I know I mentioned that adding a bit of flair could never go amiss. Painting a picture of the role is better than not. That said, beyond drawing in candidates a job posting needs to get to the point. I say this because often job posts don’t clearly detail the role they seek to advertise. This is a common problem and can lead employers to dismay. ‘Why is no one interested in this great job?’

Well, because they didn’t really understand the role in the first place. 

So, what does your candidate need to know?

Beyond the introduction to the company, club or role, Golf Jobs recommends using this structure:

INTRODUCTION – Introduce the position & you as the employer

THE POSITION – Here you want to now expand on the position, explaining why this is a great opportunity 

ROLES & RESPONSIBILITES – A short intro as to what will be expected of the successful candidate & then expand on this with bullet points

KEY REQUIREMENTS – We need to make sure the applicants understand what type of experience and/or

qualifications are needed before they apply. This helps with irrelevant applications.

WHATS IN IT FOR THEM – One of the most important parts of the advert, what package and benefits can they expect

in return after being successful

WHAT TO DO NEXT – Don’t just assume people know to sign up & apply, tell them & create some urgency


Hit the target

The psychology of employment is something that is changing. Candidates want assurances that the job they apply for will be a good fit. Attracting lots of interest is not necessarily the greatest priority. Sure, it’s important. But tailoring advertisement in a way that achieves interest from the right places is best. If you are looking for someone with a sense of fun, communicate that. You want meticulousness? Say so.

When you are writing your job advertisement you want to grab the attention of the very people you want to work for you.