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Video Interviewing Tips

Advancements in new technology and the modern world continue to change the entire recruitment process. Businesses no longer rely on advertising their latest vacancy in the newspaper with a contact telephone number to apply. In the present day, the internet, social media (especially LinkedIn) have an important role to play in the recruitment process. The key focus is placing your job advert/vacancy in all of the right locations across the internet to attract the best talent - this is exactly where GolfJobs can support.

COVID-19 has been a real catalyst in changing how we hire the best talent. Due to current restrictions, video interviewing has become the norm, and looks to be set to stay as part of the longer term recruitment process. The person to person contact has been taken away, just like spectators are not currently present at professional golf events and football fans not present at matches. How does this impact a player’s performance? Can you imagine a dramatic final hole victory without the noise of roaring fans in the background?

Both hiring managers and candidates need to learn to adapt to this new method of interviewing. It can be said that our body language, especially our eye contact, can say even more than the words we speak. Granted, direct eye contact is more of a challenge via live video, however, candidates should focus on the camera lens itself rather than the image of the interviewer on screen. In this instance, the camera lens replaces the interviewer’s eyes, hence why it is vital to engage with the camera lens and not the screen. Similarly, our body language, hands and facial expressions have to be accentuated to make up for what is lost when you cannot meet face to face.

Whilst the candidate normally doesn’t have to think about setting the right environment for their interview - they do now. The candidate sets their own scene. First impressions are vital and so it is even more important to remember simple things, such as a blank, basic background as the backdrop for your video screen, where no shadows or light can affect picture quality. I guess, the importance of your surroundings on video has become just as important as it was to have a freshly ironed shirt for an in person interview - it reflects how you present yourself, and tells the interviewer something about you as a person too.

Whilst you may be able to disguise interview nerves via video link, a ‘virtual’ meeting with your potential new boss, doesn't always have a positive impact on candidate performance. Perhaps there is more of a challenge in understanding whether a pause is just a natural pause in the conversation, or whether it’s a flicker in video connection. We begin to debate, is it the candidate who copes best with the medium of video interviewing or the candidate who receives the job offer? Are hiring managers missing out on the talent who have a natural flare for performing at face to face interview? As a result, businesses and hiring managers have a part to play in filling the virtual gap that technology has created in the interview process. How can the hiring manager give the interviewee the best perception of their business when often a successful interview may end with a tour of the workplace or or a brief introduction to the team.

Fortunately, GolfJobs are in keeping with the modern advertising and recruitment process, whereby, we are equipped as to where the best locations are to place your job advert to attract the best talent in the market. We truly understand the power and importance of social media as a medium for doing so. Similarly, the service offerings which GolfJobs provides can take the hassle out of the ever evolving hiring process. Our agile and tailor-made approach will help your business receive not just any candidate, but the best candidate.

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